Sunday, 8 May 2016

Monday 8th May 1916

Seem to have embarked on a strenuous course of Battalion training and rumour has it that we probably remain here for some time, so I suspect that we are just being fattened for the market. Today we started at 7.30 with roll-call; reading of Battalion Orders, and a short run. At 9am parade lasting until 1pm. 

(This became the daily programme, but there was always a parade or a lecture in the afternoon in addition to COs Orderly Room).

We actually stayed at Domleger a fortnight, during which time I became acquainted with many other members of the 10th Brigade. The 1st Royal Warwickshire Regiment were close to us, the 2nd Seaforths and 2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers being rather further afield. I was introduced to our Brigadier, C.A. Wilding of the Royal Innis Fusiliers - a most popular and charming man whom we knew as 'The Squire' but did not meet either the Brigade or the Divisional staff until later on. We had delightful weather during this month and enjoyed our healthy country life. There was sufficient spare time to have plenty of games and amusements including Brigade Sports on the 18th at which the Regiment won a very handsome challenge shield presented by the Brigadier. 

On Sunday, I rode to Abbeville with Cardon Roe, a longish expedition and a very tiring one for me as I was riding the 'Holy Father's' pony - a brute with a mouth of iron who pulled as though the devil was at his tail all the time. One day we had a great field day at Yorench over a flagged course but otherwise were left very much to ourselves by all brass hats. Souter took over Command shortly after my arrival. 

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