Friday, 15 April 2016

Saturday 15th April 1916

Having had no work to do yet, have employed my time in seeing France. Yesterday went down to Bailleul, about 8 miles, to see George Hennessy who is quite a big wig among the Signallers there. Found him looking very well and much happier about his sciatica. Lunched at his quarters which are in a private house together with his office. Returned to Pop: as I had come by 'lorry jumping' and took tea and dinner off MGT (his brother, Maurice) walking home afterwards. Today M turned up about 11am and took me off with him on a foraging expedition. (His chief occupation then was motoring about the country with a Belgian interpreter, making contracts with farmers for the supply of hay, corn, straw and vegetables). we went via Bailleul to Haazelbrouck and Steenibeke, returning to H for lunch. Thence we drove to Cassel where we visited Col Hildebrand at Army HQ. This office was in the casino at the very summit of the hill whence one got a magnificent view from Dunkerque right away almost to Lens. From Cassel we passed through Esquelbec (where there is a very fine chateau in which one of our Cavalry regiments was billeted after Waterloo) Hoetkirke and Poperinge. Walked home having M's company part of the way and arrived in good time for dinner. It turned out quite a good day and the wind has subsided. Tonight it is beautifully fine almost full moon. 

Have seen quite a lot of the neighbourhood in these two days. 

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