Saturday, 24 September 2011

Job anyone?

With hero Andy Newell
I love my job at Help for Heroes. Really, really love it. Some days, I love it more than others as is only natural but I never dislike it. It's interesting, challenging, inspiring and talk about job statisfaction. I know that in some small way, what I do really does make a difference to the lives of others. To top it off, I work with some great people who are friends as well as colleagues. Perfect, I hear you cry, can't be any room for complaint there then. Unfortunately, though, there is just one, teeny, tiny is not London based.

For the past 2 years, I've remained firmly attached to the umbilical cord of home life, enjoying the benefits; the cooking, cleaning, washing, the expense free existance (well, apart from the extortionate £20 a week rent). Occaasionally I wonder, 'if I moved out, what would my parents talk about?' I do know the answers of course, her Ladyship would talk about the cats and bridge playing and the General would talk about classic cars and great military triumphs but I'm not sure they'd necessarily listen to each other.

Lets celebrate, Rosie's finally decided to move to London. Hurrah!
So anyway, I now realise that this tie needs to be cut and it's time to hit the bright lights of the big city. I have started casually browsing the internet to see what might be out there. I decided that the best route to go down is to apply for anything and everything that takes my fancy, no matter experience required or seniority of the position. I'm workiing on the basis that by casting my nets wide, I'm guarenteed to end up with something.

There are some hurdles I need to over come at the moment. The first one is that I'm not 100% sure what I want to do, probably one of the reasons I'm looking at anything and not focusing on one specific area. At H4H, my primary role is digital communications and I'm yet to decide if this is where I want to stay. The other one is easier to over come but is my lack of CV, of experience in interviews, of application writing. My current and only job was gained as a result of nepotism over ability and the General was my CV.

The first job I applied for was in digital communications in an office that comes under the Department of Educations. I don't think I could really be a civil servant and I'm not overly keen on children so it wasn't too bad when they emailed saying something about budget reviews and not advertising for the job anymore.

I spy with my little eye... a plot to blow up something important
Next application filled out was to be a spy. Seven straight hours of Spooks in one day coupled with a love of Le Carre novels, I thought I was the perfect candidate and would probably walk the various online tests. Everyone knows Harry Pearce runs MI5 with a bunch of over achieving, pouty 30 year olds at his beck and call don't they? I imagined glamourous danger; honey trapping rich Russian oligarchs and foiling bombplots at the last minute, dashing from one place to the next in my impractical heels, hair remaining perfectly coiffured throughout & not a bead of sweat ruining my perfect make up, while Londoners remains oblivious to their vulnerabillity and my bravery. Turns out, my dream of being the next Eliza Manningham Buller will never come true, my verbal reasoning needs some practice. Oh well, I've never been known for my discretion so really it is beneficial to the safety of the great British public that I continue my job hunting away from the field of national security.

After this inital venture into the world of job hunting, I feel I've come to a stand still. Where do I go next? (Argh, maybe I'll stay put after all). Thank goodness for friends then, who step in and whip you back into action like the Journo. I was moaning about my current situation, much to her exasperation. 'Stop bitching about it and do something. It's like fat people who complain they're fat and still eat cake. Be proactive. By Tuesday, I want you to give me a covering letter and CV' she ordered, like a mini- Sergeant Major with a better wardrobe.

So that's where I'm at, the Journo pushing me into the next chapter of my life. And if this chapter is as amazing as the last one has been,  I'm really looking foward to writing it.
I might have to take drastic action soon

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