Monday, 2 April 2012

Boys vs Girl

A continuation of a few of the conversations I'm lucky enough to be party to in the office:

Dating Advice -
Me: Guys, I'm going to have to leave a little bit early tonight, I've got a lot to do to my face before my big d-a-t-e
Ross: Yeah. Don't put too much make up on because if you get lucky and end up staying at his, you'll look like shit in the morning.
Me: Thanks for that. You were actually meant to say 'don't be silly, you look lovely as you are, no make up needed. He should think himself lucky.'
Ross: Oh right. Ok, will remember that for next time..... I did once tell an ex that she looked best when she wore lots of make up.

While I'm Away -
Ross: Oh Rosie, I forgot, something else to add to your list of things to do while I'm away.
Me: *grab pen and pad with total enthusiasm* Yup
Ross: On Tuesday, please can youuuu..... go and pick up my dry cleaning.
*Benji and Rob laugh almost uncontrollably*
Ross: Haha, I'm joking, I'm joking......But you can do that if you want.

Office Jokes -
Me: Oh, we've just had an email from that lady Fiona you talk about. The one you think is fit.
Benji: Oh yeah, what did she say.
Me: That the tall, lanky guy in the box office at the Brits was a twat. *laugh to myself at funny insult to Benji*
Benji: Rosie, I don't really think you're grasping the office sense of humour. That was a shit joke.
Me: *sheepish* Oh

March 14th -
Me: I heard that apparently, March 14th is the man's equivalent of Valentine's Day. Steak and Blowjob Day.
Ross: Great. That will be Steak & Masturbation day for me then

International Women's Day -
Me: It's International Women's Day today so I think you should all be really nice to me. I'll probably leave early today too.
Rob: *laughs*
Benji: *ignores me*

IWD 2 -
Ross: *returning from lunch with Rob* Oh god, it's International Women Day today isn't it.
Benji: Yes! And you've just left me alone with one for HALF AN HOUR. Luckily the phone has been going so much it's not been too bad, haven't really had to talk to her.

Dating Advice 2 -
Benji: I might have a date on Friday night. She's an ex. She messaged me after 4 years and wants to meet up but I'm not sure. What does it mean Rosie? 4 years...
Rosie: Probably just wants a shag.
Benji: I'll definitely go then.

And here's a picture of a pug just because I like it

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