Thursday, 23 February 2012

Times; They're A Changing

So, it's finally happened. After 2.5 of the most incredible years at Help for Heroes, I have finally moved to pastures new.

The change happened quickly and unexpectedly. After blogging enthusiastically about job hunting back in September and spending some time actually searching for something new, momentum slowed (I believe this is also termed laziness) and life returned to it's routine plateau. Whilst spending a couple of weeks in December with the Mail on Sunday on work experience, fate dealt me one of those hands that you never expect to receive  when you are quite content with the steady pace of your daily existence. Another charity, Tickets for Troops, got in touch and asked if they could speak with me about my future and theirs. As I was already in London, it was easy to set up a meeting and they asked that I come and work for them. It was a hard decision as by then I had stopped thinking of moving jobs and so mentally wasn't prepared for a move to the bright lights of the big city. A lot of talks happened over the subsequent days and weeks, mainly with my long suffering parents, about what I should do. Really, the people I wanted to talk to about it the most were the ones who I couldn't; the PR Guru and the Aussie. Though really from the moment I was asked, I knew it wasn't something I should turn down. In between Christmas and New Year, I accepted the job.

The last month at H4H was strange. I felt like I wasn't really leaving but time went far quicker than I had wanted it to and before I knew it, I was in my last week. Emotional would be an understatement. There were tears on an almost daily basis but the PR Guru and the Aussie especially were amazing and what a leaving do they organised me! The Smallsbury send off was such fun, right from the moment I snapped the Aussie's flat key off in the lock and we had to change in her stairwell to watching the film that cameraman Jim made for me in the Lazy Cow, it summed up these formative years so well.

But it's never really goodbye with something like H4H, just see you later. And it's true, 10 days into London life, I've seen both of them already for supper as well as other H4H peeps. The emails have been coming thick and fast and nights out have already been planned. I left less than 3 weeks ago and yet, it feels like 3 months ago that I stepped into the CEO's office where almost the whole Downton team were waiting to surprise me and say their goodbyes.

What an incredible couple of years it has been and yet when fate calls you onto something else, you just know it's the right moment to say, 'TTFN, ta ta for now.'

Some of the best H4H Memories:

  • The London Marathon 2011
  • The Big Battlefield Bike Rides 2010 and 2011
  • The Heroes Concert
  • Interviewing Enrique
  • The Tradol poisoning (PR Guru)
  • The nights out with the PR Guru and the Aussie
  • The dinner parties with the Journo
  • The Birmingham Balls 2010 and 2011
  • Husband Hunting
  • The Heroes Rugby Challenge 2011
  • Stockings to Headley Court 2009 & 2010
  • Team Chaos
  • Office hangovers

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