Friday, 24 February 2012

New Girl

So one of the biggest changes I'm getting used to at Tickets for Troops is working with just boys. It's not a problem but sometimes I miss the element of female solidarity, of mutual understanding and concern and the ability to over analyse anything relating to men and discuss it for hours (mainly me - Aussie I will always be eternally grateful to you for putting up with this.) Now, I'm having to get used to conversations that involve sport, objectifying women and sport again. In all fairness, they are having to get used to me too but being the minority, I feel I have more right to speak up about.

I also realise, I have my work cut out trying to make these boys understand the opposite sex.
The One Hour Rule -
Benji: I learnt the One Hour Rule the other day
Me: Oh really... er, what's that?
Benji: Where you have to wait at least one hour to text a girl back but essentially, just wait as long as possible.
Me: Um, who told you that? Is this a girl you LIKE?
Benji: A friend. Yeah, I like her, so I have to wait for as long as possible.
Me: Ok. I think you should probably just text her back when you get the text from her. Otherwise, it's all games and bleugh.
Benji: I'll try my way first, then maybe yours if it fails. But yours sounds shit.

The Beautiful Game -
Me: Oh we have tickets for England vs Holland. I didn't even know Holland had a football team.
Rob: Yeah
Me: Gosh, wow. Are they any good?
Rob: *slightly despairing* yeah, they're, like, in the top three teams in the world
Me: I NEVER knew that. That's so funny because you NEVER hear of Holland having a football team.
Rob & Benji: *total silence* *shocked looks*
Benji: Well, YOU might never hear about it but those with even a passing interest in football know Holland have a team
Me: Ok, think I'll just stop this conversation now.

The Beautiful Game 2
Me: I've been thinking, I think Holland might be really good at football because it's such a flat country that it means they can just play anywhere.
Rob: *Reluctant to engage in conversation* Um, it's possible I suppose...
Benji: Be quite Rosie

Locking Up
Everyone has left the office, I'm in charge of locking up. RossBoss has been out all day. The lock works one way but not the other... *panic phone call ensues*
Me: Hey Ross, how important is it to lock up the office
Ross: Pretty important... why?
Me: Um, I'm just really struggling, the lock seems to have jammed. It's going one way but not the other.
Ross: Have you got the right key?
Me: Yup, definitely. I promise I'm not being really girly or blonde about it. I SWEAR
Ross: Ok, well it's quite easy, it's the key with the deep V and it's not stiff or anything. Give it another go but if you really can't do it, then put everything in the filing cabinet and I'll have to teach you how to do it tomorrow.
Me: Ok I'll try again.....
*Call back later*
Me: Yeah, all locked up. It was the wrong key

First one in the office one morning, desperately trying to unlock the stupid door. Benji arrives.
Me: Ah, my knight in shining armour. There's something wrong with this door. I can't unlock it. Been trying for ages.
Benji: Oh. It can be tricky but it's not too bad.
Me: Yeah, I know. I managed it the other morning.
Benji: The key with the V, that's the one you need.
Me: Yeah, I know. Ross said. I'm using the one with V *remove key*
Benji: Yeah. No. That's the wrong key Rosie.

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